Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mishhh them!!^^

"My Idol Picture,Super Junior's Oppa~~!!^^"

(Eunhyuk!!)^^So Cute..y many people mention he as a MONKEY??
poor Eunhyuk..==

haha..Eunhyuk wif Donghae!!Sweet..^^

Ngee!!Win KBS Music Bank's Award.!!Nice pose bro.. it..Eeteuk,Shindong n Donghae^^

Hmm..year 2006,"Full House" it is Super Junior's Reality programme with Anya n Eva..while visiting English Village at Korea..i'm so excited when watching this progrmme..i can't stop laughing..hehe..

hehe..Heechul n Hankyung@Hangeng..i miss Hangeng so much..i hope he will mde a comeback wif the other member soon..huhu..^^

Mrs SuJu..^^